Pentatonic Scale Guitar Patterns

The pentatonic scale is the most important scale to learn on the guitar, and thankfully, the pentatonic scale guitar patterns are also the easiest patterns to learn, because they have the fewest notes!

The pentatonic scale on guitar is also the most versatile scale you’re going to find, because as long as you’re in the right key, it contains no notes that will conflict with any of the chords in the song. This means, essentially, that the pentatonic minor scale is bulletproof. As long as you stay within the pentatonic scale pattern, you can’t play a wrong note. This feature makes it the best scale for beginners to learn, and also makes it endeared by professional musicians.

In a moment we’ll talk about the exact scale pattern that you use to play the pentatonic scale on guitar; however before going there I’d like to invite you to enter your name and email address below, as I’ve got a whole series of guitar lessons (videos) where I’ll teach you not only the pentatonic scale, but a whole bunch of cool things you can do with it.

You’ll learn:

  • The pentatonic scale patterns
  • How to solo in with the pentatonic scale
  • Blues riffs and licks
  • Basic guitar theory to improve your jamming skills
  • And much more…

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Alright, I hope you signed up, the lessons are a lot of fun! Now grab your guitar, and let’s go through the pentatonic scale guitar pattern.

Pentatonic Scale for Guitar

Pentatonic Scale GuitarE|—————————–5–7

To play this tab, you can start anyplace you want; however if you want to play the scale through sequentially, start either at the top or the bottom. Now work on this pattern, the next step is to learn some pentatonic licks that come directly out of this scale pattern! If you want to learn more licks, hop on my email list; I’ve got quite a few to teach you!

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